How it was Built

Save Lake Mead, Enjoy Lake Mead

Since the completion of Hoover Dam in 1938, the Dam and Lake Mead have become vital parts of life in the Southwest. Lake Mead and Hoover Dam provide much needed power and water to communities throughout Arizona, California and Nevada.

Save Lake Mead has a goal of becoming a trusted source of information, news and encouragement to conserve resources, not just locally here in the Southwest, but throughout the United States. We feel strongly that the more you know and understand about Lake Mead, the more passionate that you’ll be about conserving water, electricity and our other natural resources. We also think that you’ll want to visit Hoover Dam, Lake Mead and the surrounding area. 

Herbert Hoover was a great conservationist prior to becoming President. It is only natural that we share his passion for conserving our natural resources, so we can put them to use in the best possible ways. Keep Lake Mead as a vital resource, so our future generations can enjoy its benefits, just as we have over the past seventy years.

Finally, throughout this site you’ll find numerous opportunities for activities and adventures in and around Lake Mead, most at little or no cost. Even with all that you will find here, it is likely that we’ve missed some. When you notice something that we’ve missed, please let us know about it. We’ll check it out.

Get out and Enjoy Lake Mead and we’ll bet that you want to Save Lake Mead!



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